Mining Pool Shoot Out – Results

Now the immature coin payments have been finalized we can see the over all amount actually arriving in the BTC wallet from the 7 days of mining.



NiceHash Results

Pool 7 Day Earn0.02683363
After 7 Day Earn0.01321795
Total in wallet0.04005158


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Results

Pool 7 Day Earn0.03652533
After 7 Day Earn0.00213132
Total in wallet0.03540408



Granatgas-Pool Results

Pool 7 Day Earn0.02963800
After 7 Day Earn0.00211075
Total in wallet0.03174875


Clear winner, NiceHash

not what I was expecting to be honest as I actually thought Mining Dutch was going to come out on top. GranatGas deserves another run in a few weeks as even with the down time produces some good results.

Look Out for the BitConnect Mining on Prohashing v Mining Dutch Review Coming Soon