Gridseed G-Blade

I Believe the Gridseed G-Blade was the first miner to start the “Blade in a wind tunnel idea”. This is when the chip set with heat sinks in on the inside of the unit and air is blown throw the unit. We will then see this design perfected as time goes on in the Silverfish v1 v2 and v4 then the A4 Dominator and Finally Bitmain’s range of miners.

At 5-6MH’s is was a beast (Jan 2014) and did a better and more efficient job than my Radeon 6970 Open Air Rig

Like a lot of miners the fan was noisy and had to be replaced with something better, the units were prone to overheat and so Heat sinks had to be added to prevent the circuits burning out.

The unit could be controlled from verous verions of mining software, I started of using BFG miner for windows. A DOS based app that was very flacky and had to be rest every now and then. My favourite was Hashra’s Blade Controla on the Raspberry Pi

Gridseed G-Blade 5-6 MH/s
Gridseed G-Blade 5-6 MH/s