2-factor Authentication 2FA and Backups

More and more hackers want to steel your hard earned coin and run away with them, so security is an important part of the mining and trading process. 2FA allows an alternative device to be an authenticator like a RSA Tag (if you recall those). A series of 6 numbers (2FA code) rotates every 30 seconds and you input these number at your login point.

There are many of these apps that are available on iPhone and Android alike and are supplied from some big names like Microsoft and Google.

There are many post around the internet explaining how to set 2FA up but non really covering this importance of backing up you mobile device. you see, if you loose your mobile (2FA) device, you have just lost you 2FA details to log into your favourite site holding you Bitcoins……..  Ouch! That could be expensive!

Some sites DO NOT reset 2FA code, they see it as your responsibility to be safe online.

Backup you 2FA Device

There are 2 major things you need to do at the time or enabling 2FA on any site.

  1. Record the 2FA Security number and Ideally the QR code.
    1. The security code will be a 16 (Capital alpha numeric sequence) digit code that will allow you to setup the 2FA in the event of a device loss.
    2. Screen shot the Square digital bar code looking thing. This is the digital version of the Security code and is easier to set backup.
  2. Backup your 2FA mobile device via your favourite backup app.
    1. If you device is backed up then its one more setup closer to recovering from a disaster.
    2. Even if you have step 1 covered, complete step 2 as well

Backing up your backup

I am a great believer in not having enough backups, so its always best to backup the backup.  Ill explain why, as an iTunes user the backup is stored here:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync

But what happens if your computer crashes, you get a virus or just need to reinstall windows. This backup will be lost……..

So, also backup this directory onto another storage devise, backup to DVD, NAS box, USB hard drive etc etc

Always Keep backups Safe

I have seen people cry due to losing there data, now imagine loose a login to a site holding your coins and you cant get back in…….  Your going to feel physically sick for a long time

Make another backup of your device, wallet DAT file, encrypted password list and anything else that maybe helpful in a disaster and burn to DVD or Blu-ray and give to a trusted member of the family to look after.

DO NOT keep the only backup at your house, what happens to backups in the event of a fire?

DO NOT keep codes and keys in Email or any kind of Gmail or Hotmail accounts

You can not have too many backups, but always keep your backups Safe as well.