!Mining Pool Review – Feb 2018 – Final Results

Its 2 days after I stopped the miners and set them back to my preferred pool. This has given the pools time to exchange those cheep alt-coins into the LTC that I am after.  You can really see this in action with the final results. There has been no mining since 25th Feb (2 days) and we still see an increase in LTC total………. Most of the time /em looks at Multipool

PoolLTC OnlyBTC valueLTC 2 Day Increase


Come in 3rd place but I think that’s due to the down time they had during the review. They have been troubled with down time for months now, the site is fantastic and I really want the pool to do well but with the constant down time its hard to have these guys as my main pool.

Prohashing Final, Feb 2018
Prohashing Final, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge


We can see by the results Star Pool winning the LTC race but I think this is down to the 0% fees until 5th march, so if you want some extra LTC jump on Star Pool until then.

StarPool Final, Feb 2018
StarPool Final, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge


We see the largest increase in LTC from Mining Dutch on the last 2 day “non-mining” period, this to me indicates they have the slowest conversion but highest conversion rate. This is no bad thing as I am in no rush to get my LTC, I am just looking for the most for my mining time.

We also see the list of Alt-coins shrink as they are converted into LTC by the pools backend servers via the coin exchanges.

Mining Dutch Final, Feb 2018
Mining Dutch Final, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge


On MultiPool we actually see the estimated BTC amount go DOWN. This is the nature of holding those cheep alt-coins on the pool and not selling them right away, they may have been profitable on the day of mining but if you don’t sell out fast you will loose money.

I will not be using these guys again until they auto convert the coin on the day for me. Way to much hassle

MultiPool Final, Feb 2018
MultiPool Final, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge

Final Thoughts

For me Mining-Dutch are still the over all winners here and ill be leaving my miners here for the time being.


  • Reliability – We still have not seen any significant down time from MD as yet
  • Highest Pay-out – Out of all the pools (discount fees excluded) MD still perform the best and I receive the most of LTC than the other pools
  • Website – Interface looks a bit dated but the features are great and give you some excellent control over what to mine and what to be paid in


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