Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 07 – Final Day

With all the down time GranatGas has been having over the past few days I feel it only fair to complete the Shoot-out today. I have heard from a good source the down time is not normal. However I will be conducting the shoot out again in a few weeks once things are back to normal

Lets looks at what the final Day brought us


NiceHash Day 7

Pool Daily Earn0.00517380
Pool Total Earn0.04038673
Received in Wallet0.0
Total in wallet0.02683363

NiceHash still have a payment to make for the remaining BTC, this should match the “Pool Total earn” but I wont know this until this coming Friday 10th November when ill post the conclusion to the test

NiceHash Day 7
NiceHash Day 7


NiceHash Day 7 Stats
NiceHash Day 7 Stats


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Day 7

Pool Daily Earn0.00485254
Pool Total Earn0.03652533
Received in Wallet0.00367501
Total in wallet0.03327276

I still have some loose Alt-Coin in my Wallets so I should still receive some payments over the next few days.

Dutch Mining Day 7 Stats
Dutch Mining Day 7 Stats



Pool Daily Earn0.00268455
Pool Total Earn0.02963800
Received in Wallet0.00268455
Total in wallet0.02963800

Everything back to normal after the 4 hour down time. And WOW, after all that down time and issues we still got a good pay-out. Some coin still to collect and should receive over the next few days.

GranatGas Day 7
GranatGas Day 7


GranatGas Day 7 - Stats
GranatGas Day 7 – Stats


Day 7 Thoughts – Last Day

GranatGas had down time and Still come close behind Dutch-Mining. Also seems todays figures are a bit off for todays pay-outs so I will have to check those again when I am not so tired.

NiceHash performing excellent with only down time the planed maintenance. I am classing this as down-time rather than an outage.

As I said earlier I am going to run the same test again in a few week, if we can get no downtime for the entire week we should see some interesting results.