!Mining Pool Review – Jan 2018 Day 4

Nicehash Prohashing Mining-dutch Zpool

Day 4 of the Pool review and things are getting heated. I have seen comments on forums asking for additional information about setup parameters etc, most of which is covered in the first page of the review but I will give a more details post on the last day

A lot of coin out there to be had and I am trying to get the most coin for everyone, if your pool is not performing, then move. If you want me to review your pool, post in the comments below!

Mining Pool Review – Day 4

PoolBTC so far

Mining-Dutch Pulling ahead and creating a big lead, I think they will hit the 0.01 BTC in another 2-3 Days

Mining-Dutch Review Day 4
Mining-Dutch Review Day 4 – Click to Enlarge


Prohashing with pretty much double they had 2 days ago, so showing stability and no down time

Prohashing Review Day 4
Prohashing Review Day 4 – Click to Enlarge


NiceHash has been troubled by some issue today but the Tweet they posted today said it would not effect the mining, these stats say otherwise as they did not make as much day 3 and 4 as they did on 1 and 2 (Prohashing did). The Miner stats from the portal show some outage and my Secondary pool picked up the slack and I got some LTC instead.  With NiceHash the Current balance and the unpaid mining balance need to be added to get the total so far.

Nicehash Review Day 4
Nicehash Review Day 4 – Click to Enlarge


ZPOOL seems to have issues today as well with a reduced amount of coin compared with day 1 and 2

ZPOOL Review Day 4
ZPOOL Review Day 4


I am loving the review and actually learning about the amount of differences on each pool. Fees, Diff settings, the communities and features. Next few days we should see a winner so I will post each day the results to keep everyone updated

Any suggestions on the next review?

Someone suggested 2 miners head 2 head on same pool maybe?  How about the miners I used on DM and PH both on separate accounts on DM, see if one of my miners is just a “lucky” miner?

Post in the comments below