!Mining Pool Review – Jan 2018 Day 7

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In the early hours on Day 7 Mining-Dutch tips over the 0.01BTC point and wins the race to earn the

Home Mining: Pool of the Month Award

The Award has yet to be decided and maybe just a virtual rosette  🙂

I didn’t expect it to finish so quickly to be honest and massive KUDOS to Mining Dutch for this fantastic win, this is by no small amount either. This is an easy 25% victory but as I was not there watching the counter tip over 0.01BTC I cant be accurate on the time.

PoolBTC so far


I have stopped mining on my secondary Dutch-Mining account and returned the miner to my primary account. This will let any immature coins to be processed so we can get a true final payment value in a few days. Here is the screen shot from today at midnight EU time, I always do the screen shots at this time every day.

Please note the average miner speed for the past 7 days in the bottom left of this screen shot, 490MHs showing that this is not a special miner or overclocked like some people have suggested.

Mining-Dutch Review Day 7
Mining-Dutch Review Day 7 – Click to Enlarge


The mining continues on Prohashing with a close battle with NiceHash. Its looking like another few days though.

Prohashing Review Day 7
Prohashing Review Day 7 – Click to Enlarge


Still hashing away and it would seem still trying to streamline there system. Some down time from the pool but I am please to see no flip-flopping like we see at ZPOOL. When they are down they announce on twitter and return service when the issues are resolved. Over all happy with the pool, I just hope they can get there stability and security sorted.

Only concern I have is the fees charged and I will be looking at this closer very soon.

Nicehash Review Day 7
Nicehash Review Day 7 – Click to Enlarge


As they crawl in last place and I don’t think there is any hope to catch 3rd place. More issues today as we can see huge gaps in mining on their 24hour graph

ZPOOL Review Day 7
ZPOOL Review Day 7 – Click to Enlarge


As I have said in the past I don’t care if the pool has maintenance during a review, I am here to get the most from my miners and that means 4 Nines availability. As miners we pay up to 5% in fees to pools and that means we are the customers, we pay for the service and I think pools forget that sometimes. If I don’t get the service I require I go some where else, if I am charged to much, I go somewhere else. This is simple economic and just plain old business, were all here to make some coin.

If it was not for the miners the pools would not be in business and after all this is now a multi-billion dollar industry and I demand a good service

Find a pool that works for you, get the service you deserve!

Next update: When the next pool completes 0.01 BTC