Mining Pool Shoot Out – Setup

All miners are connected to the internet via a Draytek 2860 Router configured with Virgin Media 200MB fibre as the main line and Sky ADSL as the fail over.

I also have 2 additional miners on ProHashing that are not part of the shoot-out but will be used as baseline for the internet connection. If either of these 2 go down at the same time as the test miners then this will indicate a internet outage at my location. This should be the same for all 6 miners on the test so will have equal down time.

I attempted to keep all 6 miners with the same pool settings

Nice Hash

  • stratum+tcp://     user:BTC-wallet-address.L3A01   pass:
  • stratum+tcp://     user:BTC-wallet-address.L3A02    pass:


Dutch Mining

  • stratum+tcp://     user:Home-Mining.L3A03        pass:d=131072
  • stratum+tcp://     user:Home-Mining.L3A04        pass:d=131072



  •   user:BTC-wallet-address     pass:c=BTC, d=131072
  •   user:BTC-wallet-address     pass:c=BTC, d=131072