!Mining Pool Review – Feb 2018 Day 2

48 hours into the review and its time to see todays results. I am a little concerned about Multipool, there doesn’t seem to be much movement on the coins being mined and I still have a lot in altcoin that should have been moved to LTC by now. Based on this I have decided to look at the Pool speed and record this on each day also, a pool needs to have a good amount of miners or it just cant process the blocks very fast and so payments are far apart, a pool with lots of miners finds blocks quicker and you receive smaller payments more often.

When I started mining LTC on GPU’s it would be days between blocks with no pay-out what so even and it became disheartening, but then you get a big pay 2 days in a row and boom, your happy again.

At the same time as this you don’t want a gigantic pool as this could threaten the safety of the coin.

PoolLTC OnlyCombined Estimated BTC value


I have recorded the pool hash rate at the same time, this gives us an idea of the size of each pool and the speed they will find a block. As you can see MultiPool are the smallest pool so I would expect time between blocks found to be high. This reflects on the daily profits as they might not find a block for a day, maybe more. This can create a spike in payments and have a higher payout on the day of block found. Prohashing will produce an steady pay-out steam each day.

ProHashing – 5000 GH/s

Prohashing Day 2, Feb 2018
Prohashing Day 2, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge

StarPool – 425.4 GH/s

StarPool Day 2, Feb 2018
StarPool Day 2, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge

Mining-Dutch – 1820 GH/s

Mining Dutch Day 2, Feb 2018
Mining Dutch Day 2, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge

MultiPool – 84.56 GH/s

MultiPool Day 2, Feb 2018
MultiPool Day 2, Feb 2018 – Click to Enlarge



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