Welcome to Home Cryptocurrency Mining, here we mine Bitcoin, Litcoin Etc at home for passive income, a bit of fun and to keep my house warm in the winter. And as its from home i am always looking to reduce costs to save money, recycle the heat generated by the Mining Rigs but above all, it must be quite or it upsets the wife.

Back before Cryptocurrency came along i was using my spare CPU power to help the SETI Project by crunching data to find life on other planets, but then Cryptocurrency came along and no more SETI

I have been mining since mid-2013 when I set up my first BTC wallet and was mining on a Radeon 4000/5000 series. I also started LTC mining just after the BTC>LTC fork on those very same rigs when I switched mining BTC to ASIC mining for BTC.

I started building my own Milk Crate Style GPU Mining Rigs at the end of 2013 as well as a more advanced Open Air GPU Mining Rig  in 2014

I’ve been in some sort of Hardware pre-order queue since Butterfly labs released the jalapeno and I lost a tone of FIAT and Crypto at MT Gox Exchange when is suspended trading in Feb 2014, (to this day they still have my Euro and BTC)  also around this time it was announced China would ban crypto currency and were still waiting for it to happen.