Innosilicon A4 Dominator

The A4 Dominator is a great bit of kit and an improvement on the predecessor.  Its still has its flaws all though I cant see why Innosilicon didn’t improve these easy to fix on this version of the miner


As seen in my noise and cooling tests the fan is facing the wrong way. As standard the fun pulls air across the heat sinks inside the tube but if reversed and blows into the tube both noise and temps are reduced. Why did they assemble the miner this way? any ideas please let me know.


Web Interface on the Orange Pi v1.1.0 (TF)

This is the miner with the micro SD card. The large SD card is a Raspberry Pi and I have not yet seen one.

Nice easy to use interface but why miss out key features?

  • Auto start on power resume – In the even of a power failure, when the miner powers back on it doesn’t automatically start mining again even though the interface says this.
  • No password on the interface -Maybe not essential but I would like to see some security on the mining page, even if it is basic.
  • Real-time Monitoring – I would like to see formatted so it fits on one page with all the key info at the top. Brief descriptions on what each field is actually telling me and do I even need to know about it.
  • Thermal Throttling – never has a unit fail on me (had 6 of them) even in the summer when the chips touched 75c. but what I would like to see is thermal cut off point where if the temps hit the predetermined level the chip core automatically starts to drop down until temps return to normal. This way the Chips set can never be damaged by heat even if you over clock.
  • Fan speeds – Would be great to see this implemented on all miners, we have this on PCs so why not miners, and don’t be lazy and say its cost, these units are expensive anyway. If Fan speed was introduced those miners in cooler areas would not be blasting at 100% fan speed using more electricity for no reason at all. lets see some Fan throttling as well, save our ears drums! and some $$$
  • If I use any of the links at the top of the interface I cant get back to the main page. Easy fix, needs a “Home Page” link

was there a plan for a later revision that never happened? Anyone know, message me