!Mining Pool Review – Jan 2018 Day 6

Day 6 and we can clearly see Mining-Dutch hitting 0.01 BTC in the next few hours.

I decided to run these reviews as I had no idea what pool to select. All pool are different with different features but no pools are created equal. Some have better interface, some have better support and active forums and they all charge different fees. Some of them also give us an estimated pay-out per MH/s but I want to find out for myself

So here we see the results from Day 6 on a Bitmain L3+ on each pool and the payments so far


!Mining Pool Review – Jan 2018 Day 6

PoolBTC so far

Mining Dutch has a few hours to go

Mining-Dutch Review Day 6
Mining-Dutch Review Day 6 – Click to Enlarge


ProHashing with steady payment and no issues today

Prohashing Review Day 6
Prohashing Review Day 6 – Click to Enlarge


NiceHash with some issues reported on tweeter but a respectable result considering they are still in recovery phase

Nicehash Review Day 6
Nicehash Review Day 6 -Click to Enlarge


ZPOOL with more issues and the pool like a Yo-Yo at the Yo-Yo world championships

ZPOOL Review Day 6
ZPOOL Review Day 6

This just annoys me and I am sure it does other people as well. If your pool is having issues don’t bring it back online, test internally for a few hours before releasing to the public. All this does is create stop and start on the miner flip flopping between pools and no give the miners time to complete work units

It annoys the miners and I am sure the pool configured as the secondary backup pool as they will get a equal flip flop affect into there pools as well.

ZPOOL showing yoyo affect on pool
Yo-Yo affect is not good for miners


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