Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 01

30th Nov 2017

Day 1 of the Pool challenge and an interesting start. Looking at the stats from the pools and the accepted shares on the miners from today it looks like Granatgas and NiceHash had some down time and Miners 1,2 and 5,6 failed over to the 2nd Pool (Prohashing – not a main pool in this test) Prohashing then had some down time and failed over to my day-2-day account on Mining-Dutch. Now that doenst happen very often but goes to show you need to have all 3 mining pools setup, configured and tested at all times.


Stats Below are for Just Day 1


NiceHash Day 1

Pool Daily Earn0.00780075
Pool Total Earn0.00780075
Received in Wallet0.0
Total in wallet0.0


NiceHash Day 1
NiceHash Day 1 – Outage Around 19:30 GMT


NiceHash Day 1 - Stats
NiceHash Day 1 – Stats


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Day 1

Pool Daily Earn0.00587655
Pool Total Earn0.00587655
Received in Wallet0.00372459
Total in wallet0.00372459
Dutch Mining Day 1 - Stats
Dutch Mining Day 1 – Stats



Pool Daily Earn0.00441724
Pool Total Earn0.00735290
Received in Wallet0.00441724
Total in wallet0.00735290
Granatgas Day1 - Outage
Granatgas Day1 – Outage


Granatgas Day 1 - Stats
Granatgas Day 1 – Stats


Day 1 Thoughts

If Granatgas had not had the down time it may have been in the number one slot for the day but unfortunately came last with NiceHash taking the lead

Lets see what happened tomorrow if we get a full days mining with no down time.

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