Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining has been around for a while now and is a proven cloud supplier that has delivered on its promise to supply hashing power over the past few years. They have a active Facebook account and Twitter account and also YouTube channel. It looks too me they are here to stay with a well established customer base following then on social media that reinvests all the time. At this time I have no reason to believe they are anything but a legit, well organised, profitable business.

Genesis Mining Contracts - 3% Discount Code Fps6O9
Genesis Mining Contracts – 3% Discount Code Fps6O9

Genesis Mining Portal

The portal is easy to use and getting setup is easier then creating a Facebook account. Details of email and phone number are all they need….  what else would they need to know, what benefit is it for them to know your postal address, were in the age of the internet and faceless posts in random chat channels. we can be anyone as long as we can pay in BTC, LTC or have a credit card.

Once setup on the portal, you can buy some hashing power under the link on the left menu BUY HASHPOWER

Under this menu you can see what Hashing Power is available to purchases. These contracts are either fixed term (2 years) or open ended (meaning they run until its no longer profitable to mine the coin) Use the slide bar to the hash power you desire, select payment option and proceed to check out.

Genesis Mining Payment Methods

Genesis accept both FIAT and Crypto payments covering VISA, BTC and LTC

If paying by coin you have 30mins to complete the purchase so make sure you have your wallet up to date before completing check out. Also, don’t be a cheep skate and select a small transfer fee amount as you might miss your window.