Gridseed 5 Chip

Gridseed 5-Chip was amazing around its launch date so units where limited and only available on certain China websites such as AliExpress

With the near GPU stats at a fraction of the power consumption it was in high demand as was hard to get hold of units. It wasn’t long before firmware update were availbel to increase its hashing power and chip mods to increase the Voltage on the chipset.

The fan of these unit all though small was noisy and is easily swapped out for a Noctua 80mm fan. It doesn’t quite fit on but will do the job. You can find plenty of picture of miners stacking them into huge tower and using just 1 fan per 4 miners to save on space.

These units are USB driven and are easy to connect via USB hubs. Plenty of software to run them is available from CGF and BFG miner on windows but my favourite was Hashra’s Mini Controla on the Raspberry Pi

Gridseed 5-Chip Scrypt Miner
Gridseed 5-Chip Scrypt Miner
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