Gridseed G-Blade – Heatsink Mod

The G-blade although a great unit suffered from overheating. Not from the mining chips but from the power control capacitors. If these units were to be over-clocked or placed in a warm environment it would not take to long for the board to burn and a cap to blow. The best thing to help this situation was with some off the shelf heat sinks from the local electronics store, or in my case some old cannibalized PCs!!

This was my first G-Blade mode at stock speeds of 800Mhz. I added the silver square heat sink to the panel facing our in the area that was getting hot and the smaller copper heat sinks direct on the power regulators. This kept the unit stable with less crashes and errors.

Gridseen G-Blade heatsinks
Gridseen G-Blade heatsinks running stock 800MHz


If you wanted to go to a higher speed you need to get rid of more heat with bigger heat sinks, this was my 950MHz Unit. See if you can tell where the black heat sink comes from?

Gridseed G-Blade heatsinks
Gridseed G-Blade heat sinks running 950MHz

But if over clocking be very careful and go slowly. Only increase in small steps and wait for burn in for 2-3 hours before moving to the next speed. It may work great at a given speed for 15mins but after some time could burn out like this unit below.

Gridseed G-Blade Burn Out
Gridseed G-Blade Burn Out