Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 03

Bad day for GranatGas as they have yet more down time. Not confirmed but they maybe still getting DDOS attached, lets hope they resolve it soon and we can get back to mining some coins



NiceHash Day 3

Pool Daily Earn0.00588460
Pool Total Earn0.0196935
Received in Wallet0.0
Total in wallet0.0

Another flawless day in the tech department with no down time. Pool slightly down at 0.00012355BTC from yesterdays earning.

NiceHash Day 3
NiceHash Day 3


NiceHash Day 3 Stats
NiceHash Day 3 Stats


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Day 3

Pool Daily Earn0.00532364
Pool Total Earn0.01723784
Received in Wallet0.00476463
Total in wallet0.01533639

No issues on DM, takings are slightly down and starting to fall behind from NiceHash buy a considerable amount

Dutch Mining Day 3 Stats
Dutch Mining Day 3 Stats


Pool Daily Earn0.00480904
Pool Total Earn0.01216194
Received in Wallet0.00480904
Total in wallet0.01216194

Terrible day with more down time for GranatGas. Hope they get the issues resolved quickly

GranatGas Day 3
GranatGas Day 3


GranatGas Day 3 - Stats
GranatGas Day 3 – Stats


Day 3 Thoughts

NiceHash pulling to the lead with GranatGas running on steam powered servers