Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining is not a new concept and offers a great option for those that want to get into Crypto but don’t want to so all the tech hardware stuff.  Cloud tech has been embraced by a lot of users and companies, big any small with most of us knowing names like MS Azure and Amazon Web Services as almost house hold names. Cloud mining is becoming to be included in that market with Genesis Mining , Hash Flare and Nice Hash

The idea is that you purchase what ever mining power suits your budget, payment method and appetite. Remember you are “investing” into Crypto currency and your investment can go up as well as down etc etc

Once you have decided on your cloud mining option, purchased your plan and mining has started, you just sit back and watch the crypto coin roll in.

Genesis Mining Promo Code

3% Discount is you use code “Fps6O9” when purchasing mining power from Genesis

Check my other pages on in-depth reviews of some of the solutions I have used.


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