Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 06

Would seem that GranatGas continue to have issues with mining pools and website DOWN!


NiceHash Day 6

Pool Daily Earn0.00540398
Pool Total Earn0.03521293
Received in Wallet0.0
Total in wallet0.02683363

BAU today at NiceHash so a bit boring, but when it comes to our mining pools, We like boring

NiceHash Day 6
NiceHash Day 6


NiceHash Day 6 Stats
NiceHash Day 6 Stats


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Day 6

Pool Daily Earn0.00469789
Pool Total Earn0.03167279
Received in Wallet0.00471029
Total in wallet0.02959775

Nothing but BAU all day!

Dutch Mining Day 6 Stats
Dutch Mining Day 6 Stats


Pool Daily Earn0.00840323
Pool Total Earn0.02695345
Received in Wallet0.00840323
Total in wallet0.02695345

Pool and website is DOWN!

Even though the Pool is down at the moment I still received 2 payments (2nd one only 2 hours ago), this says they some of the system is still online and working. And the results are good, with these 2 pay-outs GranatGas over takes Dutch-Mining in Pay-outs

These reinforces that idea that I need to do the shoot out again one the Pool is back to 100%

GranatGas Down
GranatGas Down
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