Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 04

Much better day for GranatGas and we see a new Graph shape, hopefully one that reflects COINS!



NiceHash Day 4

Pool Daily Earn0.0057825
Pool Total Earn0.0254760
Received in Wallet0.0
Total in wallet0.0

Another flawless day from NiceHash, now issues seen and some nice Coin.  Earnings little down from yesterday

NiceHash Day 4
NiceHash Day 4


NiceHash Day 4 Stats
NiceHash Day 4 Stats


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Day 4

Pool Daily Earn0.00487810
Pool Total Earn0.02211594
Received in Wallet0.00461785
Total in wallet0.01995424

No issues over at the Dutch guys today with a slightly reduced profit on yesterdays earnings.

Dutch Mining Day 4 Stats
Dutch Mining Day 4 Stats



Pool Daily Earn0.00433820
Pool Total Earn0.01650014
Received in Wallet0.00433820
Total in wallet0.01650014

Pool pay-outs from GranatGas are down, I would assume mainly due to the down time yesterday. Hopefully we will see a pick up over next few days. We also see a change in the pay-outs to large or longer pay out duration.

If they can resolve the DDOS or what ever the issues are I may stop the Shoot-out at 7days and start fresh again next week………   We will see what happens

GranatGas Day 4
GranatGas Day 4


GranatGas Day 4 - Stats
GranatGas Day 4 – Stats


Day 4 Thoughts

Hope GranatGas sorts out the issues and maybe even reviews the Scripts they uses, even though they had down time I don’t think they are even close to NH and MD pay-outs.