!Mining Pool Review – Comparison! Feb 2018

MultiPool, StarPool, Prohashing, MiningDutch

We kick off our Feb review with the 1st and 2nd place winners from the Jan review up against 2 new contenders.

The Pools with the command line settings used for mining:

  • Dutch-Mining
    • stratum+tcp://mining-dutch.nl:6666/#xnsub
    • Worker: User-name.L3A01
    • Password: D=131072
  • ProHashing
    • stratum+tcp://prohashing.com:3333/#xnsub
    • Worker: User-name
    • Password: n=L3A02
  • StarPool
    • stratum+tcp://scrypt.starpool.biz:3433/#xnsub
    • Worker: LTC Wallet Address Address
    • Password: c=LTC, n=L303
  • MultiPool
    • stratum+tcp://eu.multipool.us:7777
    • Worker: User-Name.L3A04
    • Password: x

If you spot any issues with the settings I am using, please post below in the comments.


Mining Pool Review – Comparison Feb 2018

The review has started today 05/02/2018 at 23:00 GMT on all 4 of the selected pools!

For the setup I will be using 504Mh/s of Scrypt mining in the form of 1x L3+ Antminers from Bitmain on each pool, 4 Pools with 1 miner each pool, 4 miners in total.


  • All miners will be using the /#xnsub tag on the web URL if required by the pool
  • Each pools pay-out will be set to LTC only.  Any remain alt-coins at the end will be manually calculated and added
  • Down time is also included in the calculation and will reflect in reliability rating
  • Each pool will have its own LTC payment address in my wallet so payments can easily be tracked
  • Mining test accounts/addresses will be used for this review and kept secret so there can be no manipulations from the pools


  • I will be counting only the LTC amount not the FIAT values. FIAT value will be used for assumptions as the price is volatile
  • The pools recommended difficulty will be used by all miners or no varrdiff so a auto sense by the pool will be used
  • LTC for each pool will be recorded at 23:00 GMT each day
  • After the first pool reaches 1 LTC mining, I will stop on all Pools and the coins counted. 48Hours will be given for immature coins to be completed and exchanged


Click below for the daily results