!Mining Pool Shoot Out! Nov 2017

I have decided that I will conduct a 2 week trial, head 2 head 2 head, of 3 great pools.

NiceHash – Commercial pool that means Business

Mining Dutch – Has one of the largest coin selections for pay-outs, maybe THE largest

Granatgas-pool – Hard hitting, balls out, no messing about webmaster that offers a great support service but doesn’t mind calling his new customers Noobs

These guys are my top 3 favourite pools for one reason or another but what one will earn me the most coin?

Ill be running the test for 2 weeks (14days starting 29th October @ 22:00GMT) and reporting the earnings I receive in my wallets each day with a final total on the last day.


For the setup I will be using 1008Mh/s of Scrypt mining in the form of 2x L3+ Antminers from Bitmain on each pool, 6 miners in total.


  • All miners will be using the /#xnsub tag on the web URL
  • All miners will have difficulty set to d=131072
  • Each pools pay-out will be set to BTC only
  • Down time is also included in the calculation and will reflect in reliability rating
  • Each pool will have its own BTC payment address in my wallet so payments can easily be tracked


  • I will be counting only the BTC amount not the FIAT values
  • BTC for each pool will be recorded at 22:00 GMT each day
  • After the 14 days the pools will not be used and yet to be validated coin will be counted up after 7 days
  • Pools daily estimate will also be recorded

In 14 days I will have a good idea on what each pool has made me but some shares may not have matured yet so some review may still arrive

In 21 days we will know the true total amount the pool will earn us for the 14 days. I am allowing the additional 7 days for coins payments to mature as well as pools pay-out times (Nicehash is once a week)



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