Mining Pool Shoot Out – Day 05

Looks like we have had a issue free day on the pools so we should get some good results. We also get our first pay-out from NiceHash!!! YAY



NiceHash Day 5

Pool Daily Earn0.00433295
Pool Total Earn0.02980895
Received in Wallet0.02683363
Total in wallet0.02683363

Its good to get a pay out from NiceHash after 5 days. I selected this and a payment option to get the lowest fees, as long as your not in a hurry to get the coin it should be OK with weekly payments, I don’t think they are going anywhere soon! you can see the pay out on the graph below, the Bitcoin sign kind of gives the location away.

NiceHash Day 5
NiceHash Day 5 – Pay-out Day


NiceHash Day 5 Stats
NiceHash Day 5 Stats


Mining Dutch

Mining Dutch Day 5

Pool Daily Earn0.00485896
Pool Total Earn0.02697490
Received in Wallet0.00493322
Total in wallet0.02488746

Good day with the Dutch guys and similar earning today as yesterday, good work.

Dutch Mining Day 5 Stats
Dutch Mining Day 5 Stats



Pool Daily Earn0.00205008
Pool Total Earn0.01855022
Received in Wallet0.00205008
Total in wallet0.01855022

Lagging behind at the 5 day mark, seem this race has its clear winner with only one pay-out today, looks like I am due another any moment though

GranatGas Day 5
GranatGas Day 5


GranatGas Day 5 - Stats
GranatGas Day 5 – Stats


Day 5 Thoughts

GranatGas clearly still having issues with NH and DM having great days.